Will the 2010-2011 Miami Heat win 60 games this season?

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Game 15: (Wed, Nov 24, 2010 7:30 PM)



104-95 (L)


Will the Miami Heat lose this game?


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Pre-Game Analysis:

Heat looking desperate… Sign Damp before Orlando Re-Match

The Heat go on the road again after a mega blowout at home against the Pacers. The Heat faced the Magic earlier this season and didn't have to break a sweet. Will this happen in the Magic Kingdom? CDTF hopes not. The Heat are a bit different now that they don't have Haslem anymore. Yes, they are about to Sign Dampier to help strengthen the front court now that we know Haslem is going to be out for a while, but really.. the key problems are not being addressed here. 3 stars with no support cast cannot win championships. You saw this in Milwaukee (Big Dog, Ray Ray, SAM I AM) and in Washington (Agent 0, Butler, Jam). The only reason why Boston won was because they had a good supporting cast around KG, Ray Ray, and the Truth (Thank you RONDO, POSEY, T.Allen, i guess Perkins). Anyways, the Heat will learn the hard way that they will eventually have to get rid of one of the Miami Thrice in order to win, or go over the salary cap to get better role players.

CDTF Key Points:

Is Damp going to play? - Damp is on the verge of signing, but even if he plays, i'm sure there is rust. D12 is picking it up so look for him to steam roll over Big Z and Bosh, or foul them out of the game. Another strong outing for Howard. Book It!

Where's the help? - The Heat bench only scored 4 points against the Pacers and you ain't winning many games with that kind of help from the 2nd unit. VC and Lewis are showing their age and have faded slowly, but the Magic's bench is way better than the Heat, so advantage Magic!

Wade not looking so 'Flash' like these days - Wrist bothering you still Flash? Not looking so Fast these days. Poor shooting games have lead to Miami Losses, so if Wade can bounce back and play like he did against TO, advantage Heat!

Our Prediction:

Do you believe in Magic? CDTF does! Magic all the way! COUNTDOWN TO FAILURE TO 3?!?!?! We will see!

Post Game Comments:

Holy Macaroni! The Heat have lost 3 straight and it's time to pack your bags Spolestra

The Heat tried their best to make it 2-0 against their South State rivals, but it wasn't good enough, cause THEY LOST!!!!! WOOOOO!!! The Heat were outmatched pretty much the entire game, but they did make it close in the 4th quarter. However, the magic had enough and put the nail in the coffin. I think Nelson got too excited with the win and picked up two techs! Eddie House did a lot of trash talking, but really, if you can't take the Trash Talking Heat, then don't play for the Heat loser!

I must say though, Bosh has really been picking up his game, while D-Wade looks like he's been really taking a turn for the worse with poor percentage shooting games and a bum wrist. I wonder how much of an impact Damp will be... No matter, It's over Miami! Do the right thing Riley. Fire Spoelstra and trade away the King! Until next time... Keep on losing Heat!

"The People Have Spoken":

Heavily favoured by the votes, the Magic totally pulled off that amazing win over the Heat. The COUNTDOWN IS AT 3 and the HEAT have no answer for stopping their countdown to failure from hitting 0 now! What chu going to do now Riley? What chu going to do brother!