Will the 2010-2011 Miami Heat win 60 games this season?

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Game 16: (Fri, Nov 26, 2010 7:30 PM)

vs. PHI


99-90 (W)


Will the Miami Heat lose this game?


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Pre-Game Analysis:

!!! 3 !!!

We are reaching the final stages of our countdown, and it feels like almost any team can beat the Heat, even the Phil... maybe not. With no bench even before Haslem got injured, the big three are going to be forced to play big minutes even against the 76ers, but the 76ers are a mess. Elton Brand is back from a 1 game suspension so Philly will be at full strength, which is why we won't count them out completely. The game will be close and the Heat should pull away at the end, but here's hoping that none of that happens.

In our alternate universe prediction Philly will bring this game down to the wire, and Igoudala will knock down the game winner. The Miami fans will stay late to boo the Miami Thrice right out of the building, while Riley comes out to the court to fire Spoelstra. But then again, if it was an alternate universe, the countdown would probably be at 7 instead of 3 :p

CDTF Key Points:

The Big E - Dampier is finally with the Heat after much drama with the Rockets and Raptors, but didn't make it off the bench in his first game. He's being eased into the rotation, but 0 minutes is too easy and they may need to try relying on him ASAP. Still, he's not the solution Heat fans!

The Wrist - Is DWade's wrist healthy yet? He'll continue to help the team with other stats, but will he shoot Miami right out of this game. It's happened 2 games in a row, let's make it 3! 3 seems to be the key number today!

Are Spolestra's days numbered? - May very well be his last few games if things don't pick up. A win against Philly might keep him on the bench a few more games, but I don't see Spo lasting the entire season. Do you really think Riley will let this embarrassment of a team and coach happen after he thought he pulled off the biggest moves and deals of the entire history of the NBA?

Our Prediction:

Philly is really struggling this year as they are one of the worst teams in the Association. Heat will snap their 3 game losing streak. I'm sure Heat fans are blowing a sigh of relief to see the 76ers are coming to town! But then again, remember what happen last home game with the Pacers???? HMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

Post Game Comments:

Hate to say it, but our Pre-Game Analysis was spot on. The big three played huge minutes, the first 3 quarters were close, but in the end Miami pulls away.

Miami actually played a terrible game with the Miami Thrice not shooting particularly well, but had a lot of help from their "point guard" Carlos Arroyo. The reason Miami was able to pull this game off was because Philly is really that big of a mess.

No. 2 draft pick Evan Turner continues to start but not know his role on the team. The rest of the starters except Andre Iggy were building a house with all the bricks they tossed up. Luckily the bench came to play which is why this wasn't a 4 quarter laugher.

The 76ers really couldn't be expected to do much more than this, and until their youth gain some consistency or they make some trades they'll stay as one of the whipping boys in the league. Heat win, until tomorrow when they play the Mavs at home.

"The People Have Spoken":

There was strong support for the 76ers, but the majority voted Miami win and were right. The Miami Super Friends end their losing streak at 3, but tomorrow's game against Dallas is a guaranteed loss and you can book it. We're counting down to 2 tomorrow, come back to see it.