Will the 2010-2011 Miami Heat win 60 games this season?

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Game 11: (Wed, Nov 17, 2010 7:00 PM)

vs. PHO


123-96 (W)


Will the Miami Heat lose this game?


Total Votes: 85

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Pre-Game Analysis:

After 10 games, the Heat have compiled a record of 6-4. I'm pretty sure the "Miami Thrice" didn't think they would be close to a .500 club after 10 games. Heck, they thought they were going to win 82 games (Hornets are well on their way to doing that). Anyways, the Heat are at the tale end of their 6 game home stand and they face yet another tough West opponent in the Suns. Steve Nash will come to town and hopefully not distracted from the birth of his new child and divorce claims (How sad). The Suns, like the Raptors are looking like they really miss their All-Star PF Amar'e Stoudemire, but the Suns are still an elite West team. The Heat have had problems with any Elite team and they shouldn't take the Suns lightly. The Run and Gun West teams will really give Miami's defense a huge test. Can the Heat run with them or get blown away.

CDTF Key Points:

Another Elite PG - The Heat have had so many problems with Elite Point Guards and guess what, Nash is one of the best and for sure a Hall Of Famer. Look for the 2 time MVP to drop dimes like Rondo is doing this year (Amazing) and control this game's tempo. The Heat should think about moving LeBron to PG to neutralize this threat.

Weak Front Court for both teams - Both the Heat and Suns have weak players up front, which usually means advantage Heat. Bosh has looked really lost on the court and has had problems finding his rebounding numbers he had in TO. Bosh needs to either commit on D or go all out on O, but we all know back in TO, he couldn't play D. Just ask Kevin Garnett :) This dude is way to Soft!

Miami Heat Lineup Shakeup - We saw Big Z start over Joel against the Raptors, so will Spolestra make more changes on Wednesday? Experts have been saying LeBron should replace Arroyo at PG and maybe move a James Jones or Haslem into the Starting 5. Once Miller comes back, I totally see Miller in and Arroyo out.

Our Prediction:

Each team is fully capable in scoring over 100 points. Look for this game to be a big shootout with little defense.. In the end, I'm looking for a Suns win, a Heat lose and a countdown of 5. Hopefully we will see more crying and down images of the Miami Thrice on Basketbawful. Looking forward to it. HEAT IS GOING DOWN!

Post Game Comments:

Another game won from the first bucket, but the first quarter was competitive. Heat would go up, then Suns would come back with a few of their runs, but that was the end of what started out to be a good game. In the 2nd quarter the Miami came out full throttle led by the disappearing man Chris Bosh who did not play "LIKE A BOSH" (I blame TBJ for motivating him into today's performance). After that the rest of the game was Garbage Time !!!

Phoenix's stars all had off games. Nash only collected 20 cents on 2 dimes, JRich was missing from all areas of the court, and Hedo was being Hedo.

CB1 got matched up against a defenseless Hedo and tore up the court with 35 pts on 12-17 on the field and 11-11 on the line, 6 rebs, 4 asts, 1 stl. Lebron puts together another almost triple double night, and Wade was allowed to coast through this game.

Miami Thrice and friends blow the Suns out of the water. The next few games are favorable for the Super Friends so the countdown may be in a holding pattern for a while, but upsets are bound to happen.

"The People Have Spoken":

The vote was in favor of the Suns, not exactly overwhelmingly, but ouch were we wrong on this one. You've won this round Miami.